"And floating on top of or riding the crest of the music is Ms Jenson
and her mellifluous voice. It really is a wonderful thing - 
light and floaty one moment and then bluesy the next. "

“Jenson has a true and pure instrument and she uses it to convey compelling lyrics and inflections to convince the listener of every note…

…Beyond is an album filled with artistry and strong performances.
An inspiring offering by a talented and limitless vocalist,
Jenson has put together not only a journey beyond the ordinary,
but a measure of what all vocalists should aspire to,
worth the listen, and certainly worth the buy.”

Winner of Indie Music Channel's 2012 “Best Female Jazz Artist”,
Mary Jenson is a vocalist from the Bay Area. 
Dubbed “Golden Voice” and “West Coast Cool”,
Mary Jenson's soulful voice takes you on a journey through original music and masterfully reinvented jazz and contemporary covers. 
Whether performing in a duo or in an ensemble setting, her luscious, contemporary voice reflects today's evolution of Jazz. 
She is currently vocalist with the group BEYOND STANDARD JAZZ. www.BeyondStandardJazz.com 


Vocalist for Beyond Standard Jazz

Winner of Indie Music Channel's 2012 "Best Female Jazz Artist"

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